testimoniaThe Quincy Business and Technology Center is proud of our relationships with resident companies, their clients, and the surrounding community. We’re also proud to share the observations of those who watch us grow and meet the needs of businesses in their start-up phase of development.

“QBTC provides potential entrepreneurs with the necessary assistance to support new and developing businesses in our community. The facility also has many small businesses as tenants. I urge your full support for this initiative.”

 State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) 


“The QBTC has been a valuable asset to our community and we applaud the accomplishments this organization has made in the last thirty years of existence. Since its inception, between 60 and 65 established businesses got their start at the QBTC, creating over 500 jobs. In addition, the QBTC is ideally located on the western edge of our Central Business District allowing its tenant businesses convenient access to major roadways as well as trucking, rail and barge services.”

 Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore 


“As former Mayor of the City of Quincy, I can attest to the positive impact the QBTC has made in Quincy and the surrounding area. This organization has for 30 years provided potential entrepreneurs with the necessary assistance to support new and expanding businesses. Many of these fledgling businesses have over the years “graduated” and are now self-sustaining and contributing to the economic health of our city and region, serving customers and clients locally and internationally.

The City of Quincy continues to share the vision of this “incubator” and is committed to make every effort to assure the success of these new business ventures. I firmly believe that communities that encourage and nurture businesses tend to grow and thrive. Entrepreneurs have accounted for a large portion of new job growth, making the support of them essential. In today’s economic uncertainty, it is even more important that communities be prepared to encourage new employers and provide a business climate that is conducive to growth.

The long-term success of the QBTC is due, in part, to a strong, dedicated governing board and administration. The new Director, John Bright, brings years of valuable experience in the finance and business world and is committed to keeping up with the advent of new exciting technologies in order to better meet the needs of the business tenants. I am confident in the ability of this team to maintain this momentum in the future.”

Charles W. Scholz 


“Landmarx Screen Printed and Embroidered Products Inc. would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to the Quincy Business and Technology Center. Without the help and support from the QBTC the now 19-year-old screen printing company may not have been a reality.

Like many startup companies, Landmarx Inc. began its venture in a garage with a small printing press, and the drive to become biggest and best in our industry. A few months in business, the garage was already inadequate, and unable to house all the equipment and inventory needed for the growing customer base.

Looking for suitable space to house our equipment became a frustrating task! Then I stumbled across the Quincy Business and Technology Center. Instead of a desk and a printing press in the middle of a small garage floor, we now had conference rooms, loading docks, and plenty of production space with the option to expand at any time.

Looking back, I think the largest asset was being surrounded by other startups. Having several businesses under the same roof gave us an endless supply of support.

For us, it was also dozens of potential customers just a few footsteps away. Some of our largest orders came directly and indirectly from the other businesses located in the facility.

Today, Landmarx Inc. has 20 full-time employees and operates out of it’s own 10,000 square-foot production facility located here in Quincy, Illinois. With the newly added location in Macomb, Illinois, Landmarx Inc. will top $2,750,000 in total revenue for 2016.

The QBTC has helped turn dreams into reality for so many entrepreneurs over the years. What a huge asset to have in our community!”

Ed Moore, Landmarx Screen Printed and Embroidered Products Inc. 


“DenLine Uniforms, Inc. has been a tenant at the Quincy Business & Technology Center (QBTC) since 1995, starting with staff of 3 occupying 900 sq. ft., growing to today where we employ a staff of 12 and rent 11,000 sq. ft. Major roles the QBTC played in our growth as a Company include affordable rent, suitable warehouse space for the medical apparel we offer our customers, loading dock access, freight elevator. Very important, we have been able to expand our footprint with more space in the building as our business grew without having the expense and disruption of relocating.”

Dennis L. Adams, DenLine Uniforms, Inc.