Rita Vilsick Secretarial Services

Rita Vilsick Secretarial Services offers efficient, professional, and confidential services to area businesses. We assist with secretarial and administrative needs and can help you meet your deadlines while putting a dent in your demanding workload.

Our word processing and support services are available on a part-time basis. These services include correspondence, manuscript typing, document finishing, and much more. If you have any additional questions about our word processing and support services, please use the contact info below.

We’re proud to offer a personalized approach. We strive to learn your business needs and better understand processes and requirements that will help you reach your end goal through our services. Contact us for prompt and reliable service today.


Contact Info:

Rita Vilsick Secretarial Services

Rita Vilsick, owner

QBTC offices
301 Oak Street
Quincy, IL 62301

Call 217-223-6052