Basic Design Solutions

Basic Design Solutions is a product development business. We collaborate with businesses, organizations, and individuals to take new and innovative products and inventions from concept to marketing and beyond.

Whether a client is updating an existing product or creating a new one, we help with product design, planning, and research, identifying market needs and creating a strategic approach to development. During the patent process, we act as a liaison between the inventor and the lawyer.

Basic Design Solutions has worked with the Quincy Police Department on the door mechanism that allows each K-9 out of the backseat cage. We also helped develop locked gun compartments for QPD motorcycle units.

We work with clients in the Tri-States and beyond. We fully enjoyed partnering with a Las Vegas client, patenting a product for Gold Coast Casino patrons to communicate “Do not disturb” intentions and more through the peep hole mechanism on the door of each hotel room.

Basic Design Solutions’ goal is to deliver a sizeable return on investment for our product development clients. For more information on our comprehensive services, contact us today!


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Wesley Marquardt