Office Suites

The right office suite can help you showcase your services or products and allow you to meet with your customers while projecting a more professional image. Office suites through the Quincy Business and Technology Center are available for startups, freelancers, and growing small business enterprises.

With spaces ranging in size from 100 to 1800 sq. ft., the QBTC can match you with the office suite and additional services necessary to run an efficient and profitable business. You’ll have 24-hour access to your private locked suite and avoid capital expenses that can deplete your budget.

We can help you find your dream space; Quincy Business & Tech Center has office suites for various business sizes. Schedule a meeting today and we’ll listen closely to your needs and match you with an office suite that will work for your business goals.


Open and Available Office Suites

All suites have Adams Fiber available at an extra charge - Call for appointment and we would be happy to take you on a tour of rooms and facilities.

Ste 2-23 (002)
Ste 2-24a
Ste 2-24b

Suite 2-23

  • Main floor
  • Approximately 10x14
  • 168 Sq ft
  • Open room
  • $185 per month incl light & heat

Suite 2-24

  • Main floor
  • Approximately 450 Sq ft
  • $495 per month incl light & heat
  • Open room with closet
  • Adjoins 2-23 and the two can be leased together, making a larger suite with a separate connected office.
Ste 2-35d
Ste 2-35f

Suite 2-35

  • Main floor
  • Approximately 460 sq ft
  • $506 per month incl light & heat
  • L-shaped open area with private office and closet

Suite 5-5

  • 5th floor
  • 100 sq ft
  • $110 per month incl light & heat

Suite 5-6

  • 5th floor
  • 120 sq ft
  • $132 per month incl light & heat