Benefits for Visitors

Your visitors will enjoy a professional experience when they visit your place of business in the Quincy Business and Technology Center. We are conveniently located in downtown Quincy with access from the north on College Street, from the west using 3rd Street/Gardner Expressway/IL Hwy 24, and from the south on Oak Street.

The parking lot is lit every day, year round. Your guests to the QBTC won’t have to battle hardships of winter snow or ice as it is taken care of for everyone’s safety and convenience.

With all the additional services and savings facilitated by the QBTC, businesses concentrate on what they do best – making money! Ditch the worries that come with maintenance, cleaning, IT infrastructure, and more and you’ll have the available time to concentrate on the client experience. This means you’ll not only meet the client’s customer service needs, but also grow product or service quality to ensure business growth. Your visitors and clients will thank you!