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Entrepreneur laptopDenLine Uniforms, Inc. is a manufacturer of Personal Protective Apparel (PPA) for healthcare as well as Qasi Clean Room Pharmaceutical and Electronics Applications. As specialists in Fluid Resistant PPA, DenLine Protection Plus applications meet OSHA Directives and Canadian Provincial Healthcare Legislative Requirements for potential for splash or spray of blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).

We also offer disposable lab coats and jackets, impervious disposable lab coats, and isolation gowns. For clients who require the use of scrubs, we carry Cherokee Scrubs that include tops, pants, and jackets for women, men, and unisex options as well as lab coats.

Consider silk screen logos and copy on your DenLine Protection Plus Lab Coats and other garments. Branding helps you identify departments, ensures a professional appearance, and assists laundry in returning garments to the correct department.

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