Featured – DenLine Uniforms

DenLine Uniforms, Inc. became a tenant company at the Quincy Business & Technology Center as a startup company in 1996. They had no experience in healthcare or the textile industry but targeted the industry as an opportunity along with the dental market to focus on protective apparel. To get their start in a mere 500 sq. ft. of space at the QBTC, they reviewed products on the market and became exposed to a lot of dentists in the field. They also attended shows to learn about the unmet needs of the customer and worked backward to develop a line of protective apparel.

Today DenLine Uniforms, Inc. has grown to the point of being in about 1 of 10 of dental offices across the U.S.; their warehouse and headquarters now occupy 12,000 sq. ft. at the QBTC.

According to this tenant company, the biggest draw to the QBTC was the space available for growth and the fact that the facility had a manager to maintain services and resources. They never had to worry about snow removal or other maintenance issues in the building. This took the burden off so they could focus on business growth and revenue.


The safety of the location, and available maintenance are all priorities to DenLine Uniforms, Inc. The facility is convenient to employees that work there whether they are from Illinois or across the river in Missouri. DenLine employees frequently use the QBTC common areas and fitness facilities, and everyone is very happy that John “Skip” Bright was able to bring the building up-to-date with the needs of the tenants.


Dennis Adams, owner of DenLine Uniforms, Inc., says the availability of a building like the QBTC is important to small businesses. It allows tenants to focus on their businesses without being burdened by the facility. It’s an ideal partnership and an opportunity for business in our area. Above all, the facility is convenient to the community and provides a good structure for any startup or emerging business.