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Winegard Company is a leading manufacturer of quality television receptions products for over 50 years. We manufacture consumer products that include RV TV Antennas, Home HDTV Antennas, Tailgating TV Antennas, Trucking TV Antennas, and Marine TV Antennas. We also manufacture enterprise solutions that include VSAT Antennas (Satellite), Wireless (Terrestrial), Direct to Home (DTH), Consumer Electronics (HDTV Antennas), and RV, Truck, and Marine OEM (Mobile Entertainment).

In the early 50s, John Winegard, founder and native Iowan, designed and built the worlds first all channel Yagi antenna, revolutionizing the antenna industry. Now TV antennas are still in strong demand among consumers who want to cut the cable cord and enjoy a better picture.

Winegard Company sells over-the-air antennas in North America. Contact us today with your questions!


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Winegard Co.

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